Pop's Garage, Shrewsbury

I have a coupon for free guacamole:

I mean how bad can it be ???

I assume it’s the same as the one on the AP boardwalk… Haven’t eaten there, so let us know how it is!

Mediocre at best, but I may have been influenced by the proximity if really good Mexican food in Red Bank.

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My thoughts exactly.

Kinda like Burf Taco, ie gringo Mexican?

Gringo Mexican for folks who like bland food as I recall. I was only there once and feel no need to return.

If I’m hungry when I’m in that area I’ll head over to North of the Border if I’m looking for Mexican. Or Zaitooni Deli if I’m in the mood for Lebanese.


Yeah, that’s what I was afraid of.

Here are some tacos I made at home after hitting up Juanitos Mercado today:

I also like Mexican International Grocery in the hood.

Now you’re talking. I love picking up a half kilo of their awesome al pastor meat and as many of those teeny containers of the yellow sauce as I can carry.

Nice blue torillas btw.

Thanks, they were really fresh and delicious.

By the way, if you like all pastor meat they sell it premarinated and ready to grill at Juanitos market for $ 3.99 a lb. It’s like take and bake for tacos. All you need is a little salsa verde and some pineapple.

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They look delicious. I am not familiar with Juanitos or the Mexican International Grocery. My usual mercado is Super Super Market on Memorial Parkway in Asbury Park - I think I’m a little south of you. I’ll search them out next time I am up north.

Do you make your own tortillas? What a difference they make and very easy to do.


Okay, NOW I’m going to check that place out, @MsBean ! One friend (a very NON-Latina) loves it and I’ve always wondered…

I agree with the rest that it’s decent, but if you are a true fan of Mexican (unlike myself) you could probably find better more authentic elsewhere. I’ve only been to the one in Shrewsbury across from the Grove, on my last trip there (probably 2 years ago) there was a very interesting fight between the owner(?) and what was a manager being fired. Loud, public and very adversarial to the point I told my son if shit goes down go outside call the cops. I couldn’t believe that any owner/GM whoever it was would conduct themselves in that manner in front of customers. Take it outside boys…

I simply don’t get surf taco. It’s such lame food. It’s not bad by any means, but just flavorless . I guess that appeals to the masses.

Jr you should have stepped in and cracked some skulls lol

Well that is honestly where I thought it was going to wind up and why I told my son to get out at the first sign of trouble.

I do.

It’s simply not good.

@CurlzNJ It’s no HMart but then its not an hour’s drive.


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