Popeye's opens in Riverhead, NY

We went to the new Popeye’s in Riverhead for lunch today. I like their ads and had high hopes.
When will I ever learn??
We shared one chicken and one shrimp combo. Both had lots of tasty crunchy coating but other than that, nothing special.
Red beans and rice and mac and cheese sides were disappointing. We didn’t finish either one.
Popeye’s is not cheap. For the money Spicy’s or one of the Hispanic places in town are a better value and more satisfying.
When will I learn? Did I already say that?


I don’t either!!!

Popeyes was great ten years ago and then got bought up by a hedge fund or something and the pieces shrunk by half and the all around quality suffered. We still pick it up a few times a year for nostalgia’s sake but are usually disappointed.

The cost of the aforementioned advertising budget has to come from somewhere.

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I’m five minutes away and won’t go, particularly vile are the beans and rice.

I’ll drive across town or out of town for good chicken.

When a new Popeye’s opened near us, here in SoCal, you could hardly get near it for over a month. Maybe we don’t have the real thing here in OC

Growing up in the 90s, when we wanted an unhealthy fried chicken take out meal we’d drive many miles to pick up Popeye’s instead of opting for KFC which was much closer. Ironically, Popeye’s has since opened around the block from my parents and they never go there because it’s not as good as it used to be.

One time, when they opened a 5 minute walk from my house. After eating it curiosity satisfied and made the decision it was not for me… They actually need a brand and menu make over.