Pop up notice of post?

Just noticed this for the first time less than an hour ago while doing something on my wife’s laptop where I was last logged in to the site. Is this new? Also… and more important… how can I turn off the feature? It’s not something I want on my phone or my own laptop, and I’m pretty sure my wife doesn’t want to see such pop-ups when she’s working on her laptop.

I don’t mind the emails when someone posts to reply to me, though. In my profile/preferences I see email prefs and also a switch to turn off “notifications”. What does that switch do specifically?

go to preferences, disable Desktop Notifications.

i believe the site asks to enable it at some point and if you never ok’ed i don’t think its on by default.

Thanks. I’ll check it out tomorrow. I read the site mostly on my phone which, preferences said, doesn’t support that notification. It could have been popping up on my wife’s laptop without my ever seeing it but I don’t recall ever going to that setting from any laptop. I can see it on my phone and it says you have to select it on each browser. Oh, well.

Also can try, click on the icon to the left of your URL address (at least for Firefox). It should say Permission (notification) enabled or disabled.

Hmmm. Never knew that. I turned off Desktop Notifications (on Firefox) through my profile preferences. I’m assuming it was turned on without my realizing I’d done it, and probably very recently. All’s well now I think.