Pop up from Guan Chua - Liverpool Street, London

I love Guan’s take on Malaysian food. And he’s having a pop up with the RIce Guys – ’ Tues Aug 21st & Wed Aug 22nd (lunch only) at Broadgate Circle, 1130am - 2pm. Limited portions of this Guest Rice Box at £8 a pop till we sell out!’ I plan to get there for 1130 on Tuesday and take one home for lunch! I also love his blog www.boywhoatetheworld.com and one of these days I will go to his supper club.

https://www.instagram.com/p/Bmfm1rUgk7k/?taken-by=guan_chua -

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Thanks for the heads up. Seems like popups and supper clubs are a strong source of good Malaysian food in London. I thoroughly enjoyed the food at the Wild Serai popup that was on at The Sun And 13 Cantons.


His blog should be https://theboywhoatetheworld.com/ :blush:

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Thanks, Peter. Do you read it?

No, I haven’t - didn’t know about his blog until you highlighted it just now. I’m going thru it now, in fact.

Wild serai is awesome, by far the best Malaysian food I’ve had in London. They pop up quite regularly with supperclubs, so keep an eye out for their future plans.

I’ll definitely keep an eye out, one taste of their sambal sotong and I knew I was in for a treat!

Their chilli crab is phenomenal and their nasi lemak is good (the sambal was the stand-out component for me.)

Well, here it is Tuesday and I can’t go :frowning:
Nor tomorrow since I’m not in town

If you go, report back! The cooking prep instas were quite lovely, though.

It was good, thanks for the heads up. There was belachan lurking in the chilli which is always welcome!
I’m not sure what the usual queue is at rice guys, but it was pretty busy.

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