Pop Tarts Bowl

Right now the Pop Tarts Bowl is entering the 4th quarter.
The winning team will afterwards eat the mascot which is a giant Poptart. I don’t know how this will go down exactly but I’m staying tuned.

(If they skip said event for the next game I’ll look it up on the web.)

On an unrelated note Florida St got screwed and M Go Blue.

Did you catch the Duke’s Mayo bowl yesterday? Winning coach gets doused in mayo. But they do give him a hat and a towel.

Missed it. I would rather take the Gatoraid.

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I detest mayo, but it’s supposed to be good for the hair and skin :woman_shrugging:

I saw the pic in the paper. I hope he doesn’t have an aversion to mayo.

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Just saw it online. All sizzle and no steak.

(Btw eggs have a lot of protein which is good for hair and skin.)

I saw spectators drinking mayonnaise milkshakes.

:nauseated_face: :nauseated_face:

That’s funny, a thread about Pop Tarts turned into a thread about mayonnaise.

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That’s because they are both bowls. As in the end-of-season college football games.


I’m waiting for the inevitable soup discussion. But I guess we have to wait a month for the soup bowl?


I thought you were kidding until I saw it on the news. I don’t want to think about how they celebrate the winner in the Gastroenteritis Bowl.


I guess I expected something like. Zombie movie where the mascot is attacked by the winning team.

 Generic Poptarts have been my go to poverty food, six for 1.25, (Taste Um, Clover Valley, Great Valley.). Kellogg’s is around 3.50.

The Cheez-It Citrus Bowl just wrapped up . . . the winning coach got a Gatorade jug of Cheez-Its dumped on his head. Sure beats mayo or pop tarts/ And it didn’t seem like he had to actually eat them.