Pop it yourself! AMC movie theater popcorn coming to Walmart with new at-home snack line

BANG!! Just tripled down on this stonk, cause y’know…popcorn!!!

Going APEshit. YOLO!!! To the moon!!

I dunno.

They need to charge more, cuz without being raped on pricing, movie popcorn just isn’t the same.


No worries. Popcorn price will quad by market open. Bend ovah, I’ll drive.

People aren’t going to movie theaters like they use to. Even before the pandemic I think a lot of people were fed up with Hollywood. Nowadays everything is “streaming” somewhere from home. Not surprising that AMC is trying to cash in. Myself? I’ll stick with Orville Redenbacher.

I’ll stick with homemade gelato and fresh baked cinnamon dusted pita chips.

With Flavacol and butter flavored coconut oil, and more butter, I extend my home-popped middle finger to AMC.

Worth a look at the ingredients list.

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