Pop butchershop- West Long Branch

Does anyone know about this place? I’ve seen a lot of stuff pop up for it over last few weeks. It’s in the strip mall plaza that was closed for like a year to renovate, across from shop rite.
Would love another butch choice, can’t have enough - weird location though.

I don’t live very far from it, but I doubt if I’ll try it. There used to be butcher shops in all the downtowns here along the shore, but most are gone. Many grocery stores have excellent meat selections now. I like to do one-stop shopping. So, I doubt if it will succeed.

I agree that that grocery stores have gotten much better with their protein offerings over the last years, but there is something to be said for your local butcher.

The average grocery store won’t have certain cuts/grades you will find at shoprite, foodtown, stop n shop and even places like Costco, wholefoods and wegmans. Granted you can get good meat at all of the aforementioned places, sometimes you can’t get what you want.

Dry aged ribeyes and strips
Tomahawk ribeyes
Tomahawk pork chops or double cut back bone chops
Crown pork roasts
Berkshire pork
Bone in tenderloin (not my fave but my parents like it)
Ground burger or meatball mix in front of your eyes
Lamb racks not prepackaged with solution
Bone in veal chops
Monster thick cut porterhouse and sometimes aged
And we can leave smoked/cured meats for another topic :slight_smile:

They will even sharpen your knives if you’re in tight with them…not to mention they will trim your cuts with precision but most grocery stores will do this too if you ask.

In summation, I feel a butcher can offer a better level of service but you will indeed pay for it.

Anyway… @Metsfan86 I haven’t tried this spot but I hope that they succeed and if you haven’t tried them, Monmouth meats has some good stuff.

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