Poor House Bistro [ SJ ]

Another quick note.

This place is a local gem.

Last night we had a crawfish special that was by far and away the best crawfish I’ve had, and that includes in TX and NOLA ( granted I don’t get there that much and I’m sure there’s better crawfish in both, but this was pretty good ).

The amount of crawfish was good for the price, they were generally large and juicy, and the spice / salt level was right. The po’boy was excellent. Right bread, light dressing, highlighted the fish.

There’s a creeping upgrade of beers there, with things like Evil Twin Heretic in the cash-only “back bar” downstairs. And sure you can just get a PBR.

We caught some great music - a band I’ve always liked called Lavay Smith and the Skillet Lickers - which was crazy. She brought a full horn section, and PHB is just simply not that big ( like, 20 tables ?). That band could have been playing a festival. I was able to park at the curb out front - there’s always parking in that section of town - and there’s no cover for the music ( just tip-jar passing at the end of every set ).

But… it’s a long weekend, people were out of town, the santa cruz american music festival was on with Trombone Shorty. Still, if the south bay is good for anything in music right now it’s blues - not a style I love, but seems like there’s a lot of solid bands and travelling acts right now.

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