Pompeiian Proto Pizza!

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That article started an argument on another forum–well, actually I started the argument. It says that tomato and mozzarella are necessary for pizza. But there are lots of pizzas that don’t have these ingredients, with pizza bianca being an example. I mentioned that on Saturday, I had a slice of Roman-style pizza (also called pinsa), topped with potato and a white sauce. People took sides, some saying this was not pizza. Somebody said it was an “open-faced sandwich”, someone else called it a “toastie”.

Sadly, Saturday was the pizzeria’s last day of business. There are still great photos on their website, several of them showing non-mozz, non-tomato pizzas.


My current definition is pretty loose, but an argument could be made that if the “origin myth” in the article feels right (it does to me), then pizza should be a flat baked dough with at least two of the following: tomatoes, cheese, herbs. But I’m happy to get into a fight about it!


A Guardian reporter recreates the Pompeii pizza, with good results.