Polo Club, Holmdel NJ

Drove past the Polo Club in Marlboro the parking lot was full anybody got any information if it is open?

It’s in Holmdel (presuming you are referring to the restaurant in the building that many years ago was Remington’s, at the intersection of 520 & 34?). According to what’s posted on Facebook, it’s described as “An American Grill” and is open today from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. No phone number listed. Email: thepoloclubatholmdel@gmail.com.

Yes it used to be called Remingtons , I found out they are only offering small plate limited menu but do have an active liquor license.

It appears the website isn’t working. Can anyone get it to load?

I wonder if this is another case where the restaurant opens and weeks later they finally get something on the web. That seems to be a trend around here.

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I got it yesterday said it was opening it’s main room soon and showed a menu of small plates.
Looks interesting may stop by this week.

Are you looking at Facebook or their site? The site still won’t open for me. I just tried now…

@corvette_johnny, On Facebook, they have a website link (http://thepoloclubatholmdel.com). But when I clicked it yesterday, I got what you did. And it still isn’t working, so I don’t understand how or where @Ragtopssk got it.

On rethinking my post, I might have gotten the information from Facebook page of the restaurant.
Apparently they are doing a soft opening for a few months in the lounge area featuring small plates and a limited bar menu.
Sorry if I confused anyone. I am on the Internet frequently so I am going to forget exactly where my information comes from

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That’s what I gathered from the comments on their Facebook page. They’re also on Instagram. But so far, there’s only one photo, a side view of the building.

(Curlz bangs head against wall AGAIN)

Is this an nj thing or the new restaurant norm?

If you mean small plates, dim sum restaurants have been doing it for years.

I meant restaurants that are newly opened and dont have a functional website…or website at all.

Not necessarily just a New Jersey thing. There have been highly anticipated restaurants in NYC that set up a website with only a homepage that says, “Coming soon.” And even after the restaurant officially opens, the website has address, phone number, and reservation info plus link to reserve with OpenTable, Resy, 7Rooms, etc., but no food and beverage menus. But until they are eventually added, the dining public is not completely in the dark because EaterNY often gets the food menu and includes it in its report of the opening, and Grub Street (NY Mag) usually includes some food photos in its report.

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This is quite interesting. I’m not in the industry, but if I was, I would make it a goal to have a decent website with a menu to create some hype. Hopefully this place has a menu coming soon :slight_smile:

It looks like they need @gcaggiano services to help them with their website and Social Media :smiley:

Send them my way! Always looking for clients!

Seriously, in this day and age, there are no excuses to not have a website and/or social media. You have to create a buzz somehow. Just look at Nicholas Creamery’s posts. THAT is how you generate excitement. A++ in my book.


If I’m not mistaken this is a spot referenced previously. It’s owned by the owner of nauvoo In FH, another vanity project by a developer. They had threatened to take away the liquor license if he didn’t build soon. Again this is what I’ve cobbled together from Memory of previous posts. I may be mistaken.

You are completely correct. I will add that the owner, Richard’s original vanity project is the Raven and Peach in Fair Haven. Navoo around the block was vanity project # 2 and this is the latest and greatest.

@corvette_johnny as being mentioned here this is nothing more than a vanity project forced by the township. This liquor license has been shelved for literally 20 years and the township had enough and forced him to re-open this building which he was using as an elaborate storage shed for 20 years.

I’m sure the reason it’s a limited menu etc. is because he had a set “open date” and the town wouldn’t extend it, they were really tired of his BS.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the web site never goes live. That’s just the way it is with Richard.


JR, he wasn’t original owner of R and P was he? I know some long time residents of the area who claim that was a legit spot years ago? I know you have a soft spot for it and the steaks esp.