Political Leaning Foods: Quiz

Just came across this July article which shows certain food correlation to political affiliation. Some food preference make sense such as veggie burger has a strong correlation to being Democratic, but some are surprising (Sweet and sour chicken?).

You can take the quiz here:

If you are not interested in the quiz, then the main article is here:

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Kind of assumes that people who order food online have party affiliations or bother to vote in their congressional district. Next.

Time used to be a thoughtful voice for liberalism in the USA. Today, I guess they’ve just decided to join the other pigs at the trough.

Proof that these polls are rubbish? According to them I’m strongly in the camp of the party I strongly oppose :confused:


Gaffk, same here.


In Psych Testing Class we learned that on the University Of Michigan Entrance Placement Exam the single question that best predicted the potential students’ likelihood of doing well @ U Mich was “Do you prefer carrots cooked or raw?” Those answering with a preference for cooked carrots did better & were more likely to graduate.

I’m a communist???


It is a correlation. Not everyone has to fall right on the correlation. Massachusetts is a strongly Democratic state. Yet, not everyone there is a Democrat. Just as an example.

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that’s hot garbage click bait

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“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

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