Polish Festival May 4-5

We’ll be by the dessert table starting around 330.

This is the perfect festival, colorful, music beer food and wine and not too large but big enough with plenty of people watching. Y’all should come.



The website says May 5-7.

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You’re right, I was looking at the calendar on my computer and cycled to March instead of May. Anyway, it’s this upcoming weekend.

I think you have indicated before that you only go for the desserts but that menu looks pretty good. Why do you skip that?

You can get everything fresher across the street at the restaurant. The pierogis are definitely frozen, I saw cases from Chicago stacked up two years ago, makes me wonder about the restaurant.

I’ve had almost everything from Polonia, my favorites being Golonka, pork shank, breaded pork cutlet and cabbage rolls.

We treat festivals like Astros and Texans games, feed before you get there and maybe grab a snack, say a sausage at the Polish Festival.

The desserts are just icing on the cake, pun intended. Great desserts are brought out at random and the Wifeacita has an eagle eye for her favorites.

We really go for the experience, music, people watching, authentic Polish dancing and dress, and heck I’m second generation Polish. We also knock back a few beers and wines.

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I do like this festival. Very colorful dancing.

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Thanks JC. Food is the most important thing about festivals to me. I don’t know. I’ve been having health issues and just didn’t feel up to the oyster festival. I’ve got this one in my sights but I’ll want something more than dessert. Too bad they don’t have the people contributing home cooked specialties or is that against health dept. regs?

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I believe the desserts are home cooked, with all the variety I can’t believe they’re made in the church kitchen.

The desserts are homemade, I inquired. We went yesterday/last night and are packing up to go again. The festival is only five minutes away so it’s a no brainer. About the home cooked specialties, everything come from the restaurant across the street.

Saturday afternoon/night was great with a cool breeze through the trees and a really nice band that played everything from Glenn Miller, Bob Wills and lots of polkas.

The music on Sunday was not good, think waaaah!!

They had a fantastic female fiddle player from Poland a couple of years ago. The next time she plays I’m dragging all of you down there by the nostrils, this includes your posse, Doobs.

Two quibbles.

People left enormous messes on the tables despite trash cans less than ten feet away that were emptied frequently.

The second is for you Lambsy. Dogs. It wasn’t overrun but there were quite a few that were there for hours and they had to do their business somewhere. I don’t get it how some people can’t leave home without their varmints in tow.