Polish Festival Houston

May 6-8, Friday evening free, 5 bucks Saturday and Sunday, free parking unless you park at the church. Lots of food, beer, and wine and Polish entertainment in multiple colorful costumes. I did see cases of frozen pierogis from Chicago last year. The lines can get long for food and last year some were going across the street for food at Polonia.

We eat before we go but if I were in the mood for Polish food I would go to Polonia or eat before you go and grab a snack when there is a lull in the lines.

We’ll be by the many desserts where the good church ladies are constantly bringing in more.

There is plenty of covered seating, an air conditioned hall to cool off in, and INDOOR CLEAN RESTROOMS, sorry to yell but at a festival, unheard of!

It’s small enough to be not crowded, but big enough for great people watching.

It reminds me of the Greek Festival in Montrose 30 plus years ago when it was on the church grounds instead of in a freaking parking lot.

I hope this festival never gets that large.


Thanks man. I’ll try to make it this year.

Polonia had a bug boil! I’m going to look for this next year…