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Folks, there have been too many discussions lately that veer off-course to politics. While we don’t desire to be heavy handed and stop all discussions that have intersections between food and politics, this is a food forum first and foremost, so the focus should be on food. If the discussions head to a place where it has nothing to do with food any more, it will be stopped. And posts that intentionally take a discussion in a political direction will be looked at much more closely before, no matter the viewpoint- liberal, conservative, its irrelevant.

We are a team of volunteers with full time jobs that helps maintaining the site on the side. And hence, just like you, we have very limited available resources and time during the day. We are not able to spend a disproportional amount of time moderating political discussions, often hours at a time. Hence I ask for your understanding.

Since our site is small and close-knit enough, we look at ourselves more as hosts of a social gathering, and would like everyone to have a good time, and conducts any discussions civilly and respectfully.

Please note our site rules:

Excluded discussions – Please no discussions on the following topics: Policies, politics, racism, disability, religion, sexual orientation, discrimination.


Thank you.


Mea culpa.

I’m aware that, in recent weeks, I have started two threads in the Media & News sub-forum which, on reflection, cross the no policies/politics discussion line. Of course, both of these were “news stories” that I thought may have been of general interest, but I now appreciate that, if someone wishes to take a contrary view to that of the article’s thrust, then it becomes a contentious issue. I’ll try and remember to restrict my posting about such matters, however much of general interest I might think they would be. I’ll also restrict my contribution to such threads as the “Are you going to stock up with food for Brexit” which was live during the summer, having been started by another contributor. Difficult to avoid the politics in such threads, unless one’s answer is simply “yes” or “no”.

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Looks to be the case. Seems any conversation that becomes a personal textbox crosshair it’s likely going to chg the original topic. It’s unfortunate how quickly the tone of detailed debate swings from general understanding to preachy pulpit. I enjoy reading diff pov very much. slogging thru fingers wagging is not very conversational in a tiny txt box. But boy would it be interesting over drinks in a local joint.





I’m saving that handy photo!


One of a number of reasons why I no longer drink alcohol. :grinning:


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