Polar Seltzer Winter 2017 flavors are out!

Happened to see these at Target yesterday and grabbed a bottle of each of the three new flavors: Blood Orange Sangria, Blackberry Citron and Ginger Lime Mule. The Blackberry Citron is good, but very similar to their Blueberry Lemonade flavor. I haven’t tried the Sangria yet. However, the Ginger Lime Mule is DELICIOUS! I love ginger but I find ginger ale and ginger beer too sweet. This stuff is lime-forward with a nice spicy kick of ginger without the sweetness. Fabulous.

The other two winter flavors are repeats from last year, Winter Citrus and Berry and Cranberry Cider, neither of which I really liked last year. RIP Late Harvest Berries (my most favorite flavor ever) and Pink Peach Bellini.



I am a plain polar seltzer drinker but occasionally buy their lime or lemon flavors. Ginger lime, that is something that appeals to me. I always buy the polar in cans. Recently I had issues with the plain seltzer having a slight fruity aftertaste and I contacted customer service. I was completely blown away by their handling of this issue. Spectacular customer service department … fabulous and really unexpected.

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If you like ginger and you like their regular lime flavor, you will probably like it! The lime flavor is very pronounced, but there is still a good ginger kick. I just tasted the Blood Orange Sangria and it is pretty good too! It has a strong fruity orange flavor but it’s not tangy in the way that most of their citrus flavors are.

Good to know that their customer service is excellent! I should contact them and beg them to bring back Late Harvest Berries. I seem to remember reading an article about them being a great company to work for (like Costco, Wegmans, etc.) so it doesn’t surprise me that that spills over into customer service.

I wish I could get polar here! It’s my favorite.

I love Polar too, but I have to say that Stop & Shop has REALLY stepped up their game with their house brand. They have started offering a ton of new flavors and many of them are easily as good as Polar (and half the price). I particularly like their Peach-Pear and their Watermelon Lemonade. I don’t know if you have Stop & Shop in your area but if you do, give some of their flavors a go!

I’m an admitted La Croix addict but once I tried kroger brand I’ve been buying less and less. It’s pretty good and much less expensive. I also love the Trader Joe’s bottles and they stay carbonated for soooo long which is the reason I drink the stuff in the first place. All this said, I own a soda stream :slight_smile:

blood orange sangria was the only one that sounded appealing. it was okay, but nothing outstanding. i found the blood orange flavor muted, at best.

my favorite is the pomagrante. i also like the cranberry and clementine, which was a holiday special a few years back that was so popular it got moved into the regular rotation.

We definitely have different taste in seltzer. I really dislike Polar’s pomegranate flavor (and any of the seasonal flavors that contain pomegranate) and I have yet to like any of their cranberry flavors either. I like both of those flavors in other brands so I’m not sure what it is about Polar’s formula that I find so off-putting.