Polar Seltzer Winter 2016 flavors

These have been out for a couple of weeks and I am in love with the Late Harvest Berry (similar to Triple Berry but fuller and more delicious!). I also adore the Pink Peach Bellini - it’s a good replacement for another favorite, Strawberry Champagne. The Winter Citrus and Berry is a repeat from last year but still enjoyable.

There is one more new flavor, Cranberry Cider - not a fan. The apple flavor is very dusty/tannic, like a Red Delicious. The repeat is Tart Cherry Lime, which I didn’t care for last season. Overall, though, a good year. I hope that they keep my two faves around permanently!

I’ve had the peach and winter citrus and they are both excellent

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― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
Credit: TXMX 2