[Poland] Krakow - Szara Gęś w Kuchni

I’m stuck at home and have some time on my hands. Decided to go through some old photos and found these from a quick trip to Krakow, Poland.

Szara Gęś is a beautiful restaurant hidden in plain sight, right in the busiest spot, the main town square. I made a reservation for sometime between lunch and dinner, when there’s still lots of natural light but not many people around. We had the place to ourselves, almost. Everyone else sat outside in the sun and noise.

Cucumber sorbet and dill

Foie gras ice cream

Polish wine

Sous vide duck breast

Liquified foie gras

Confit goose leg


Giant “goose egg” dessert. So ridiculously over the top I had to try it.

Lovely restaurant, good service and nice food. Would go back.




They don’t say on their website about tasting menu but if you contact them in advance they could do it. I didn’t know that, and when I found out it was already too late.

Szara Gęś w Kuchni
Rynek Główny 17
31-008 Kraków


Lovely place indeed!

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Thanks for sharing. I love modern Polish cuisine.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold