Pokéworks in Somerville is celebrating their 1 year anniversary.

(Peter Sward) #1

Tomorrow (Saturday) they will have a BOGO free all day long. This applies both to the bowls and the burrito and you can mix and match. This is the SHISO SALMON Bowl.


Do they have the Hawaiian Sun Lillikoi drink? That one is incredible, we really got into lillikoi in Hawaii.

(Peter Sward) #3

I’m not really sure, I just grabbed this one.


Oh, man- I wish I’d seen this earlier! We did take out today from Kor Tor Mor, but I probably would have hit Pokeworks instead. I’ll write up KTM elsewhere.


hey, @Parsnipity–how is Kor Tor Mor? dying to hear about this one…


Gonna summarize in the openings thread…