Pointe Restaurant - Tofino/Vancouver Island

Tofino on Vancouver Island has fantastic scenery, bear watching, great places for hiking. Most restaurants are OK with plenty of fresh fish but there is actually one place who has an interesting fine dining concept with focus on local ingredients and high quality cooking - Pointe Restaurant https://thepointerestaurant.ca/ in the Wickanninsh Inn. On a trip some time ago we connected with them and asked for a tasting menu (one omnivore and one vegetarian) and we had a great time.

Great view from the table

Amuse bouche

1.Course (omni) - Spot prawn ceviche, chive blossoms, cucumber, green tomato ponzo

1.Course (veg) - Wild greens, alpindon, pickled huckleberry, dames rocket

2.Course (omni) - Grilled asparagus, crab aioli, alpindon crouton, black garlic gremolata

2.Course (veg) - Cucumber & radish, wild rice, ponzu, apple

3.Course (omni) - Confit turnip, duck rillettes, nettle “gomae”, sea buckthorn

3.Course (veg) - Roasted carrots, smoked buttermilk, prairies grains, pickled huckleberries

4.Course (omni) - Poached halibut, confit tomato, lovage creme fleurette, english pea

4.Course (veg) - Charred asparagus, fiddlehead ferns, hazelnut romesco, sakt spring olive oil

5.Course (omni) - Pork belly, fiddlehead ferns, fava shoots, hazelnut romesco

5.Course (veg) - Green garlic arancini, peas, black truffle, goat cheese

6.Course (omni) - “dama dama” venison, foie gras stuffed morel, saskatoon berry, spruce jus gras

6.Course (veg) - Grilled mushrooms, seaweeds, kohlrabi, black garlic

7.Course (both) - Pistachio & rose, dark chocolate, variations of pistachio, rose sugar