Point Reyes Station, CA- recommendations?

We’ll be passing by Point Reyes Station in an upcoming roadtrip and may have a chance for two meals there. I know in the past Hyperbowler recommended Marin Sun Farm’s butcher shop and restaurant. Any other current recommendation for that area? Thanks!

If you go past the Coast Guard Station at 482 Mesa Rd., Bolinas, CA I’d be grateful for pictures. It will be a bunch of boring towers, probably in a very big circle, with wires between. Radio station NMC for Port Reyes weather fax, discussed in another thread.

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Hmmmmmm…an antenna array outside Bolinas, …

…. or Point Reyes Lighthouse….

…difficult choice. :grimacing:

No question. I want to see the antenna array.

The pic by the way is of a beam, not the truly impressive HF array.

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I think if I go past, I wouldn’t even know what these towers are for, lol.


I would be, however, much more interested in the cows around Bolinas and Marshall:


The cows are neat, but antenna 8 really gets my blood pumping. Now if we could process the cows into hamburger or perhaps a ribeye that I could eat WHILE looking at antenna 8 that would be worth a visit.

There’s more pictures online of the Bolinas site but that was the one I grabbed. :laughing:

Richard Brautigan lived in Bolinas. I read much of his stuff which was quite a “trip”.

I don’t have any must-go recommendations. The Marshall store and hog island you probably know about. Cowgirl Creamery is a good bet for picnic supplies. For full sandwiches, the Inverness Park Store has lots of good picks (I’m fond of the reuben). They were the place that came to mind when I asked my family up here, and they also have some weeknight specials that are popular with locals but YMMV https://invernessparkmarket.com/specials/.

Bovine Bakery’s strengths are the more seasonal fruit types of things (i.e,. skip the croissants).

Driving by this morning, I noticed that Marin Sun farms recently was replaced by the point Reyes roadhouse (it doesn’t show up on a Yelp search, but did on Google). I really miss Marin Sun Farms…


I second the Cowgirl Creamery recommendation. Soups, sandwiches, and cheese (of course). Very, very good food.



Our favorite, even destination, in that area is Marshall Store, up the coast a bit from Reyes Station. Funky, wood floors, but impeccably fresh fish and OYSTERS. A daily alternative meat sandwich for non-oyster people. I love to split an order, half raw, half barbequed. WANT some now as i write this. If a decent day, they’ll bring your order out to the deck. Bit of info here.

I was recently there on a Wednesday when a lot of places, including Cow Girl Creamery were closed. We were a little disappointed, but shared a really nice pizza on the patio at Cafe Reyes. A deal for $15. Mushrooms with arugula salad on top. Very pleasant under the pergola. Wine and beer. An art gallery next door. Hand sanitizer on the table.

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