Point Pleasant [NJ]

Not sure whether there is sufficient restaurant activity in PP to have a dedicated thread, but I’m doing it anyway. From Point Lobster’s Facebook page:

Europa South & Point Lobster have decided to join forces, and in one month we will be opening Point Lobster Bar & Grill. We will be opening at the current location at 521 Arnold Avenue in Point Pleasant Beach. It will be a marriage of the Europa Classics, the best sellers from Point Lobster, and some great new elevated dishes to make it all blend. We are all incredibly excited and can’t wait for you to come try our new adventure with us. More details to come but we wanted to announce to everyone, especially our faithful customers that the new year will hopefully bring something incredible for you all to try.

The fish market & take out will not be changing on Channel Drive, so no worries you can still go visit & have a lobster roll, and get your favorite fresh seafood.

Also Amendment 21 is not going anywhere so your favorite beers & delicious dishes will be here waiting for you.

We can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store for us!! Hope to see you ALL soon!! We hope you love our renovations that are a true celebration of Point Pleasant Beach!


Very Interesting

I’ve never been to Europa South but I am a big fan of Point Lobster and Amendment 21. I always get my lobsters from Pt Lobster, as well as other seafood, especially scallops. I discovered one of my favorite stouts (Evolution Craft Brewery’s Rise Up Stout) at Amendment 21.

Hopefully they will be up and running before summer as I try to avoid going OTB after Memorial Day.

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So funny that you started this thread… I’ve been following Offshore Barbecue on IG and wondered if anyone has tried it yet…? They seem to be selling out of a lot of their meats on a regular basis!

They say on the website that they smoke with natural oak and natural charcoal. Is charcoal common in smoking meats?

I was instrigued by the smoked grilled cheese. I wonder if that’s a sandwich, or cheese bits that are smoked.

Was going over to supplement my menu today, they opened at 11 and posted on their Facebook page at 11:13 they were sold out of brisket and ribs . Trying to figure out how they are always sold out, during the week they never make it to dinner time. Will try again.

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I see that too…wonder if in the off-season they’re starting with small amounts to build their base…?

A lovely late lunch/early dinner at Point Lobster Bar and Grill! Yesterday afternoon turned nice, the high tops outdoors were filled with smiling people under barely needed heaters and the Europa South - Point Lobster Co merger is proving to be a match made in heaven. Started with Brussels sprouts and chorizo, sprouts cooked to crispy outside tender inside perfection with fat little chunks of smoky chorizo, the mussels in a Thai chili coconut sauce that was not too sweet and just the right heat, a few pitchers of sangria and a round of lobster rolls…just as good as the ones at their waterside shop up the street. I recommend you get down there before summer kicks in…you’ll never get a table then. It’s sure to be a hit.


That looks delish!!

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Almost a coincidence as we did pick up from Point Lobster and Grill. When I got there at 6ish the place was filled and there were about 10 people waiting. I am assuming that they had fewer tables set than would have been in “normal” times but it’s hard to tell. It was our first visit. We had the garlic shrimp, scallops with corn and lobster risotto, and pork and clams - we went for a mix of Europa and Pt Lobster specialities. Everything was very good.

Amendment 21 was also “full” and all their outside tables had diners. I overheard someone say there was at least an hour wait for a table.