" POGET & DE WITTE " - A hidden gem worth visiting?

With near perfect Google review ratings, I am surprised there’s no mention of this ‘oyster house’ on this or other food-blogging board, when the subject of French oysters and seafood was discussed.
Has any member eaten at this place and how does it compare to other more popular and better known ’ touristy ’ spots?

I might try it next week

“Hidden” ??!! On the Ile Saint-Louis, one of the most tourist-trampled areas of Paris ?

It is included on the map link I posted in the Oyster thread. Or just google “Paris Oyster Map”.

I have been there a few times for my oyster fix when I happen to be in the area (not often). Except for me, the customers seemed to be100% tourist (but including one French couple from Bordeaux whom I chatted with). Good, yes, but given the overall excellent quality of oysters in Paris, Poget & De Witte is no better and no worse than dozens of other oyster places and not sure why it has been singled out other than it could appeal to tourists because of its location.

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“Hidden” …it came from one of the rare reviews I managed to come across!

“If you are in Paris and are an oyster lover, you must visit this place. It is a hidden gem of huge proportions. It’s an amazing oyster bar with the freshest and most diverse collection of oysters in Paris. Bring your patience because there is almost always a wait to get one of its tables…”

Guides for tourists often try to convince their readers that they do a special job uncovering spots no one else knows about.


Charles, you are perhaps too gullible and too dependent on English language reviews from tourists who probably don’t know Paris very well and who have little if any comparative basis for declaring that “It’s an amazing oyster bar with the freshest and most diverse collection of oysters in Paris”. Total hyperbole for a tiny single-source oyster place catering primarily to tourists. Probably this English-speaking reviewer had no experience of any of the many other oyster places during a 3-day visit to Paris. Just to inform yourself what constitutes a “diverse collection of oysters”, check out the menus of La Coupole Montparnasse, La Rotonde Montparnasse, La Mascotte Montmartre, Paris Pêche/ Seabar, Comptoir des Mers, Opium La Cabane, L’Ecume Saint-Honoré, Le Cabanon de l’Ecailler, etc etc. Even the other single-source oyster places have a better “diverse collection” than your “hidden gem” easily found on the Ile Saint-Louis: Huîtres et Saumon de Passy, Pleine Mer, L’Huîtrer, Huîtrerie Régis, Bulot Bulot etc etc.

I’m not saying that Poget & De Witt is not good. It is, like most oyster places in Paris, very good. But let’s not perpetuate this “hidden gem” “best in Paris” crap.


That’s why I cherish and rely on the valuable input from locals like yourself, onzieme…and John Talbot ( chowhound! ).
Anyways, we’ve decided to check out ‘Opium-La Cabanes’ since it’s much closer to our hotel and they offer a gorgeous looking fish soup!

Amen to that, Charles. Always go with a local recommendation. Although I always also try to remember that it was locals who voted Pizza Pizza best pizza in Toronto (oops).

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Pizza wars are the foodie equivalent of the Middle-Ages theological debates about how many angels can stand on the head of a pin. Or the wars between Little-endians and Big-endians in Gulliver’s Travels. Totally absurd. (Sticking tongue out)

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Had you grown up eating pizza in the U.S., and then eaten pizza in New Haven, CT at Pepe’s, Sally’s or Modern, there’s a good chance you might feel differently, @ParnParis.

If one’s frame of reference is primarily Neapolitan-style pizza consumed in Europe, then you’ll get no argument from me. But the two are first cousins at most (as opposed to New Haven-style, which is a slightly different, superior sibling to “standard” NY style pizza in America). But in America, this particular war is arguably the most important culinary one of all. Anyone who doesn’t agree with the superiority of New Haven pizza is a heretic, and anyone who knows that but then doesn’t agree that Sally’s is best of all…is simply wrong :smirk:

[Since this is quite literally my first and likely only time ever to be able to speak from a position of superior culinary knowledge on this board, I just had to chime in; apologies. :grinning:]

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For me, ’ Pizza Nova ’ Supreme with additional Anchovies, request ‘extra crispy’ ROCKS!!!
Good toppings, nice sauce, loaded with cheese…salty, savory and super-crunchy/crispy crust…first bite, better tasting and mouth-feel than a lot of artisan, self proclaimed BEST outfits!