PNW: Deals - I'll show you mine if you show me yours :)

I’m a little afraid to share my secrets (they might be well known anyway!) but I figure I might learn something from you all that I don’t already know…

These deals are all in Bellingham WA

Rocket Donuts: 50% off in the last hour of business. Donuts taste fine and make a good dinner dessert. Just a much smaller selection than earlier in the day.

Avenue Bread: Bogo in the last hour of business. Since we often go grocery shopping in the evening, it amounts to the same thing, freshnesswise, but cheaper. The bread can be sliced and frozen, or is great for day old preps like french toast, panzanella…

Coop grocery: Meat stickers on the weekends. Possible during the week I don’t know. Coop has some of the best quality meat in town - localish, organic, grass fed, no hormone. Stuff you feel good about eating. As it gets near the sell by date, they start discounting it with stickers. I get all my meat this way - throw it in the freezer. Good to go.

Ok, hopefully others will spill.