PLUM Viet UWS Manhattan

This is a new Vietnamese place on the UWS. Nice folks but…i had a Bahn Mi that was so bad it felt as if I was Applebee’s.

Wow…that’s really bad. If you screw up a Banh Mi by either using the wrong or bad ingredients…there’s not a damm you can do to redeem yourself… There are certain features that make a Bahn Mi a Bahn Mi and not a Subway sandwich. Maybe some of Guy Fieri’s “Donkey Sauce” from his Times Square place would help it??

Well, it is the UWS, not exactly a bastion of diversity, or ethnic eats.

What was bad about it?

LOL. The restaurant and menu look very UWS :slight_smile:

No chilli, hardly any cilantro, very little if any pickled carrot. the balance was off by miles,

I aint going there. NO GF for me, ever