Plum Island Grille-Newbury MA

We met up with friends for dinner at the Plum Island Grille this weekend.
It was Plum Weekend, so a little busy on the island. My husband and I were early for the reservation so sat at the bar for a drink. He had the Plum Island Punch, very sweet to me but just what you would expect/want at a beach bar. I had a Tanqueray and tonic which was great although the bartender did ask if I wanted a lime with it. :frowning:

Our friends came by and we ordered a nice bottle of Bordeaux, ceasar salads (with anchovies), lobster raviolis, grilled scallops, the haddock special and the swordfish special.
Everything was very good, my raviolis were really really good, a nice mix of lobster and ricotta along with fresh veggies in a tomato cream sauce. My husband’s scallops were also very good, well cooked and the sides looked pretty good too.
Desserts were a creme brulee and a flourless chocolate torte.
No complaints on the food.

But it was really loud! Very loud… It was hard to hold a conversation. Enough that it would deter us from returning.

Has anyone else been and experienced this? Maybe its better during the week.


@grumpyspatient, I’ve not been to the PIG, but my mother went for a lunch with some of my adult stepbrothers and their families. My mother is 86yo, and for the past 15 years or so, has had issues with “ambient noise” drowning out what others who are sitting near her are saying, making her very uncomfortable, and she gets a headache very quickly. So restaurant noise is a particular bother for her.

Mom and my stepbrother and his family all said the PIG has a major issue with how loud it is in there, and while the food was very good, Mom said she would nix going back for herself due to the overwhelming noise. Can’t recall if the stepfamily said the same thing.

They do tout themselves as a place that is “Hopping year-round spot for upscale seafood in a casual summer-shack atmosphere.” So perhaps the “casual summer shack atmosphere” has something to do with it.