Please! Enough with the Bread pudding!

I’m not big on desserts, but I’m a bit of a dessert menu voyeur- I like to look at the dessert menu for a cheap thrill to see if there is something worthwhile. I like to see creative juices flow and see new ideas.

I know people have a fondness for bread pudding but I’m a bit disappointed when I see it on the menu. I feel it a bit of a cop out in terms of a dessert effort- kind of an overly eggy version of French toast in a casserole form. It’s got sugar, vanilla, carbs- what’s not to appeal to the pleasure centersbof the brain?

I just see it on the menu, and I feel that sort of sunken, let down feeling. I could make that at home; is the thought that runs through my head.

I feel a bit like creme brûlée has been over kill lately as well, but at least there is a bit of skill required for a properly done Creme brûlée.

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Bread pudding comes across as a convenient way to recycle stale bread. What better way to end a meal than with a diabetic coma?

In 2010, I did our local version of “restaurant month,” and carefully chose the most expensive restaurants in town to get the special ~$30 starter, main, and dessert prix fixe menus. I like creme brûlée, but ate a lifetime’s worth in two weeks.

Other local signs of an uncreative kitchen (or clientele) are Chocolate lava cake, tiramisu, flourless chocolate cake, and cheesecake, for bonus points without a seasonal flavor. I prefer ice cream at home over the inevitably disappointing versions of those.

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My restaurant notes from our trip last autumn tells me we had bread pudding on three occasions. Pleasant enough but very sweet.

Personally, although not that keen on it, I preferred it to the British equivalent of bread & butter pudding which I detest with a vengeance but is loved equally strong by Mrs H.


I don’t mind bread pudding but it has to be done well/creatively. Too eggy is an immediate no-go - the liquid should be mostly cream/milk, with only enough eggs to help it set up. As hyperbowler said, it often seems like something thrown together last minute to use up stale bread, and when that is the case it’s often too sweet, too eggy, too dry, or just generally not worth eating (especially since I’m not a dessert person anyway).

However, I’ve had some good renditions, made with croissants or brioche instead of regular bread, with interesting inclusions and/or tart sauces to cut the sweet. Hard to know before you order, though, unless you get a recommendation you trust or see someone else having it first!


YES!!! I completely agree with all of those points!

I would prefer good in house made ice cream to any of the above desserts.

I don’t think I have ever had bread pudding as an upscale dessert.
I have eaten it since I was a babe in arms though, along with cousin rice pudding.
M grandmother/mother’s offering was dense with raisins and (alcoholic) hard sauce of some kind.
Some less than splendid versions at church & PTA dinners are certainly a fact. I don’t think I’d ever order it at a real establishment. That’s what pies are for.

We adore bread pudding and make it at least once a month - but we only like savory bread puddings. It is indeed an excellent way of using up stale bread and leftover bits of veg and cheese and meat.