Please drop the Zota Box Footer?


This is annoying. On my laptop, it obstructs the “Create Topic” box, and clicking on “Check Us Out!” doesn’t get rid of it.


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Agree a million times . I hate it . Even though I can click the X in the box to get rid of it , It’s like a pesky fly that keeps landing on you .


I agree with you also. I normally won’t put it there because of obvious usability issue but knowingly did it even though it is blocking some elements- because of temporary unusual circumstances. A prominent food writer in SF (Kaleo you’d know- Jonathan Kauffman, who worked in Seattle previously) wrote about one of our threads and so far we have about 2000 views on that thread in the last 30 hours. So trying to convert as many eyes into members as possible. Was originally expecting to drop it soon thinking the traffic would die off soon. Turns out day 2 is even hotter than day 1.

In any case, I just found a setting that only show the bar to newbies on that specific thread. Let me know if it still shows up for you.

Don’t worry- my User Experience sensibility hasn’t deserted me.


That explains the SF centric wording!

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Go for it!!!


Thanks for the explanation, Sampson. I probably would have done the same.


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AGREED. If you’re typing a new post, the “REPLY” link is barely able to be clicked. See below. OR - make the X click to close it visible without having to hover over the far right hand side, which is the only way I saw the Close X.

Hmmph. You are not supposed to get this message. Only people who hasn’t been to the site should. let me take a look.

ok i reconfigured it. now its at the top and supposedly only shown to new people. If you still see it, and if you aren’t looking at the site from a new computer, please let me know.

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Alllllll gone! :slight_smile:

Hi Hungry Onion. Did you know you can put the promo bar on the bottom of your website so it will not conflict with your existing header bar?