Please Don’t Eat Those Delicious-Looking Tide Pods

Apparently the Tide Pods/ detergent packages look so delicious that people are eating them…

Certainly not a joke to have to call poison control. On the other hand, people eating detergents and throwing up will need more detergents.

Honestly outside of small children I believe this is an excellent example of natural selection.

That being said, I shall offer this as an alternative to anyone who feels so strongly that they must try them.


My 14yo son said this same thing yesterday at the dinner table as we talked about how dumb this Tide Pod thing is. Made me feel like a proud mama that he’s not tempted to take on this stupid challenge!


Sadly I felt the need to “warn” my 20 yo son. Lol

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HERE’S WHAT HAPPENS … if you do the Tide Pod challenge. You’ll die, we’ll report it on the news…then two days later, we’ll cover your candlelight vigil in the parking lot of your high school, where organizers will ask participants to bring orange and blue balloons (the color of Tide Pods).
We’ll get interviews with all of your friends who will tell us you were a really smart, fun kid to be around (despite the fact that you ate a Tide Pod). Your parents will cry and miss you terribly, but deep down they’ll harbor life-long feelings of guilt, knowing they raised a child stupid enough to eat laundry detergent.
So, the moral of this story is - don’t be a moron, Tide Pods only go in the washer - NEVER your mouth. #JustSayNO


I thought this was down to people being confused about the whole clean eating thing.


No it’s become a “you-tube thing” kids (teens) recording themselves while eating them.

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Yes, these fools all deserve to win a Darwin Award. However, IMO it is irresponsible for Tide and other manufacturers to produce and sell a household cleaning product whose shape and color can easily look like candy to a small child. Parents of same SHOULD have the sense not to buy it, but alas…

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“Tide Pod Challenge” <-- excellent… people are actually doing intentionally (not by mistake). Well, what is there left to say?

I bet smoking some weed is healthier than eating detergent lol. NJ is going to legalize tide pods after bud passes :smile:

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