Please critique Montreal restaurant list!

Hello, a few of us are planning a 5 day, food focused trip to Montreal. We all live in NYC so are hoping to try things that are unique to Montreal or it does better than NYC. Some of the places we’ve been to in the past include, Restaurant L’Express, APDC, Maison Publique, Le Mousso, Montreal Plaza,
Joe Beef, Breizh Café, Crêperie Spanel, Ma Poule Mouillee, Schwartz’s, the popular bagel spots, etc.

We all prefer relatively bold flavors (but love Japanese and French food). Flavorful sauces are a hit! The only priority is deliciousness and we would prefer to not repeat flavor profiles if possible :slight_smile:

I would really appreciate some help in narrowing down our choices for 4 lunches and 4 dinners. So far we’re considering:

  • Fancy Tasting: Bouillon Bilk, Toque

  • Syrian Tasting: Damas

  • Wine Bar: Vin Papillon

  • Bistro/Brassierie: L’Express, Le Molière par Mousso, Monarque, Lémeac

  • Some other places that came up during research: Candide, Le Virunga (would love to add some African food if it’s good!), Le Filet (seafood), Cabaret l’Enfer, Hoogan et Beaufort, Kwizinn Verdun (Haitian)

  • Sushi: Jun I, for a change of pace

  • Vietnamese Québécois: Ma belle tonki

  • Bakeries: Patisserie Au Kouign Amann, Hof Kelsten (a friend really liked their strawberry and nuts rugelach), Guillaume, Mamie Clafoutis, Notre Maison (pastel de nata), Patisserie Mahrouse (Middle Eastern desserts - halawet el jibn), Fous Desserts, Patisserie Rhubarbe (for their jam filled Kouign Amann)

  • Ice Cream: Kem CoBa

  • I’m also curious about desserts/pastries and if there are specific places and desserts that are recommended

Thoughts on the above? Do we have an absolute dud in there or maybe we’re missing an obvious stellar spot?

Thank you very much!

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Cabaret l’Enfer, Foxy and Nora Grey were fantastic, I’d def put them on your radar.

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Would really love to know how the meals on this trip was if/when you go

Thank you so much

I posted this review on my FB page:

Montreal - Monarque
We picked this restaurant because it was one of the
few ‘better’ establishments that open on a Monday. A
later check revealed, to my pleasant surprise, it is rated
#17 on Canada’s Best 100 restaurant list! Decor and
ambience matches its title of one of Montreal’s most
beautiful restaurant. Reasonable ricing for this up-scale
Lovingly prepared and well executed
Nouveau/Classical ’ French ’ food.
PS: You should be able to deduce dishes we ordered from the menu on their website?!

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