Playska? yes please! (Cambridge, MA; Inman Square)

I was in the Inman Square area late this morning and had a minute to finally check out Playska. I didn’t have much time, so I grabbed a sandwich to go. Since I’ve been gorging myself with all manner of meats lately, I opted for one of the Veg options. I’ve got to say, the Foraged Mushroom was one of the best sandwiches I’ve had in recent memory; beautifully marinated hen of the wood mushrooms paired perfectly with the accompaniments. The challah bread wasn’t to sweet and perfectly balanced the sandwich. Fantastic flavor and texture all the way around. This sandwich was obviously carefully conceived. It came with a small side of pickled beets, which were a nice change from the bag of chips I down all too often.

At $12.50, the Foraged Mushroom (pic below sandwich) is considerably more expensive than most other options on Playska’s menu ($8-9), however I didn’t mind paying for the generous portion of beautiful shrooms. Overall the sandwich isn’t huge, but it filled me up adequately. Everything on the menu looks great, but it will be extremely tough not to order the same thing on my next visit. I’ll have to go with someone else and split two sandwiches.

The space isn’t changed too much from the old Rosie’s space. Service was friendly, professional and prompt.

Has anyone else tried Playska? I’d love to hear what is good.

Just tried them today. Had two meat sandwiches (2 people). I forget the names, but one was sausage in a pita with feta, and the other was pork shoulder on soft sliced bread with a bunch of stuff. Both were super delicious, and distinctive. Came with sides of lightly pickled beets, an unexpectedly nice counterpoint. Expensive for sandwiches, but I’ll definitely be back.