[Playa de las Americas, Tenerife, Spain] First Love

With what seems to be the closure of Nonna Fina in Los Cristianos, I suppose First Love has been promoted to be our favourite Italian in the area.

We both had bruschetta to start. One of us went with the mixed – four different toppings, each on a slice of bread – ham, rocket & parmesan, tomato and another now forgotten one. The other went with just tomato. Both of these OK, but not stellar.

Main courses were in a different league – Serie A, for sure. Tagliata was an excellent version of the classic. Steak cooked perfectly to medium rare, with a good char on the outside, sliced onto a bed of rocket and parmesan. A little dish of balsamic vinegar acted as the dressing. The other plate was a special – meat filled ravioli went on top of pesto and were themselves topped with pancetta, parmesan and a sprinkling of pomegranate seeds. It was absolutely delicious.

Only one of us ordered a dessert but they brought two spoons for us to share the tiramisu. When I say “share”, I mean my companion in life ate a spoonful to see what it was like and I scoffed the rest. All desserts are house made – a comparative rarity in the restaurant trade in Spain as elsewhere. It’s a good version. Rich, but not overly sweet, with a kick from coffee but I couldn’t detect any booze in there.

Coffee, unsurprisingly for an Italian gaff, was really good.