[Playa de las Americas. Tenerife, Spain] Cuevita del Mar


(John Hartley) #1

It’d probably be worth making a reservation here. We’ve never needed to on past holidays but when we rolled up a couple of nights previous, there was no chance of a table. And, when we tried again, it was packed and it was suggested we go for a walk for ten minutes. It’s good to see them doing so well. It’s a great little place at El Camison. He cooks, she does all the front of house. That’s hard graft for the pair of them, particularly when they’re busy.

Starters are available in tapas or racionnes sizes. Unless you’ve brought a ferocious appetite with you, stick to the tapas sized plates. We shared croquettes – a lovely thick béchamel sauce in a crisp coating. And a plate of simply grilled vegetables, perfectly seasoned – onion, courgette, pepper, aubergine, carrot, potato and mushroom.

We love to try new things. And this was a first time for “arroz negro”. Think a simple paella like dish with the rice coloured black by squid ink. There’s tiny squid rings, no wider than your little finger – and matchsticks of more mature squid, perfectly tender. And, decorating the top, several big, juicy prawns, stark white against the black. It looked fantastic and tasted just as good.

As I mentioned, it was busy and it’s fair to say service suffered. A neighbouring table got quite twitchy trying to get their bill. We did some finger tapping wondering whether to get dessert or just coffee. In the event, time passed so we just got the bill.