[Playa de las Americas, Tenerife] Garibaldi

It’s always one of our favourite “last night of the holidays” places. Nice room – a bit upmarket with excellent service, generally good food and a guy playing the piano and singing “easy listening” stuff.

Soup of the day was cream of vegetable. Very rich, Very tasty. Simplicity itself on the other plate. Sweet melon and good quality, quite salty jamon. Perfect match.

Slow roast leg of lamb was, almost literally, falling off the bone and was delicious. Lamb doesn’t appear that often on Canarian menus, as it does in some other parts of Spain. I think this may have been the first or second time I’d seen it on this holiday. It comes with some nice vegetables – courgette, peppers and alovely sweet carrot. It was a bit let down by the gravy which was more “works canteen” than “fine dining”. Canarian spuds were a chargeable extra. Fillets of sole were a tad overcooked. But only a tad. They came with the same vegetables as the other dish and a wedge of lemon.

We had space for dessert. An excellent example of the modern classic, tiramisu, with a decent whack from both coffee and booze. Rice pudding (or “arroz con leche” as the menu had it) was served at room temperature. There was a scattering of muscatel raisins and it could have stood to be a little more generous with them. We finished with good coffee.

It had been a nice evening and we went away of happy memories of this first trip to the island since before Covid.


Harters, thanks for the nice series of reviews. I’m quite envious of your trip. Never been to the Canaries. Will be heading off in not too long on our 3 year now delayed annual trip to the French West Indies. Will try to write up reviews too. Need to build the HO database.


I have been so looking forward to the reviews from your holiday and these did not disappoint! Sounds like you only had one dud food-wise - very successful in my book. So glad you got back to Tenerife and had such a nice time!!

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Your reviews are always a pleasure to read, @Harters , even if I’ll never make it to the restaurants you go to. I’m so glad you and your other half had a wonderful dining holiday!