[Playa de las Americas, Tenerife] Ciao Toto

I don’t know a better pizza in Tenerife than here. I don’t know a better pizza in the UK either – not even the pizza big hitters like Rudy’s in Manchester and Franco Manca, . In fact, the only pizza I can recall eating that may have been better was in Italy. And that may account for why the restaurant is popular with the Italian ex-pat community.

So, that’ll be pizza for dinner then, rather than other menu options. The base is fantastic. It’s tasty in itself and perfectly cooked. I don’t know how they do this but the crust puffs up so that it’s light as anything. Then there’s a really flavoursome tomato sauce and just the right amount of mozzarella, not overdone. And, in the Italian way, toppings are restrained in quantity. A “Napoli” had a scattering of black olives and anchovies, while the ingredients for a Quattro Stagione were ham , salami, mushrooms and artichokes. Both are perfectly seasoned.

Only one of us wanted dessert. Cannolo was a lovely example of the Southern Italian classic, which you don’t often see in Italian places in the UK. Crisp pastry enclosing sweetened ricotta with a sprinkling of dark chocolate for decoration. We finished with good e spresso.

They’ve modernised since we were here two years ago and the place now looks quite smart but still casual, of course. Service was on the ball, as you’d expect from the Italian crew.