I used tenderloin. It was tasty, as I recall! No thanks to me; it was the recipe …


I often buy the Costco shabu. It’s phenomenal for lots of things. Amazing flavor when flash-grilled and then whatever comes to mind. It’s paper thin, and then Costco needles the steaks to start, so very tender.

. . .has become my latest obsession! I may have to start a thread!

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May have to stage an intervention.

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When will HO introduce some emojis? You know what they say, “A goofy picture is worth a handful of words.”

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Recently discovered a terrific salad that was beautifully plated. It was a halved burrata with arugula over one side to show the burrata, sliced pickled beets arranged over the other piece of cheese, marcona almonds over the arugula, and a very light vinaigrette. It has become a staple on our home, but a lower calorie tossed and not plated for presentation is better. We use ciliegine mozzarella. The vinaigrette is a standard 3:1 olive oil and white wine vinegar shaken well with a teaspoon of Roland Dijon and some coarse grey salt. For any salad that is primarily greens I think a tossed presentation is inherently better than an artfully arranged plate. Attention to plating salads makes sense for composed salads.


Salads present an almost unlimited opportunity for plating presentation.

I’ve seen lots of plates from Michelin starred restaurants. I think the ones at Gabriel Kreuther are possibly the best I’ve seen, certainly in the top three. They really do it for me.


Do you mean like this?


Yep. A lot of sites offer half a dozen or so…love, like, yuck or angry, laughing, caring. Forks up is not as informative.

That one was from HO, available here.

Here are some others

There’s more, but personally I don’t find them all in enough colors.


Oh! you mean the site version of ‘upvote’. It’s not really an emoji. It’s a vote. On other boards it’s a heart, but the meaning is the same. a generic ‘vote’ for that content. There’s whole discussions about how people use (or don’t use) and percieve the importance of those ‘votes’.

I don’t think a range of ‘vote types’ is particularly informative. If you want to include emojis in your reply to someone, you have the whole spectrum available to you: :rofl: :crazy_face::partying_face::rage::nauseated_face::face_vomiting: etc…