Plate: Bukharan [Uzbekistan] Cuisine Thrives at New York City's Tandoori


Fridays are rush hour for the Queens bakery and restaurant—customers have been dropping in all morning to buy lepyoshka loaves for Shabbat—and one baker is just loading the earthen tandoor with samsa. The meat pies, filled with beef and lamb, onion, garlic, and spices, get slapped on the tandoor’s walls. As the pastries cling for dear life, their lightly yeasted, hand-laminated dough puffs and crackles, while fat drips down, seasoning the oven and crusts to a burnished brown. It’s a balance: If the flame in the center is too ferocious, the samsa will burn before they cook through. If it’s too demure, they’ll lose their grip and fall into the fire.

Photo, above: Plov Photo by Janelle Bendycki

hat tip to Janelle Bitker’s Twitter


Have you tried this restaurant?

No, I haven’t tried the restaurant.

I do not live too far, in Astoria, and am frequently near there, perhaps after the holidays I will stop in for some lunch of some appetizers and some soup. My barber who is Ubezk has told me about this restaurant as well.

PS I also put the link up on the NYC food scene page

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