Plant milks / juice, do you like them?

Sometimes, birds of a feather flock together.

Right now, most of my friends who don’t consume dairy avoid it because of lactose intolerance or dairy allergy, and occasionally because of religious restrictions if they keep kosher and aren’t having a dairy meal.

In person, I only know a handful of people avoiding dairy because they’re avoiding animal products. I have quite a few virtual/online friends who avoid dairy because they’re avoiding animal products.

I was an ovo lacto pescatarian for 2 years in my 20s and 2 years in my 30s. Avoiding meat and poultry is fairly easy for me. Avoiding dairy completely didn’t work for me, the times I tried.

Because I am neither vegan nor vegetarian, a glass of milk makes me miserable for days, but I actually like milk…so a beverage that tastes like something I like but doesn’t are me miserable is a wonderful thing.

There’s a poster (sorry, I don’t remember who) who is allergic to animal proteins after a tick bite, if I recall. I would completely understand if they wanted to rat something that tasted like something they are unable to eat.

The number of people who have chosen a plant based lifestyle because of health reasons…same.

I know a few who do it for the animals…and quite a few if them are happy to eat the subs because thr. They have the flavor they like with no guilt.

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YES! Nothing to do with those packaged ones in shops.

I know the really good soy milk, they use a stone mill to grind the beans.

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I like coconut milk, especially in Thai cooking.

Don’t know why, I have some stomach and indigestion problem with some plant milk, especially almond milk. (Can be worse than lactose intolerant raw cow milk problem.) I wonder if anybody has problem as well.

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Coconut milk… YES! Other plant/nut based milks not so much. I like milk (especially chocolate) and ice cream.

She hasn’t posted in a while. I hope she’s okay.

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I happened to go out for lunch and then bought a botte of barley milk.


I was thinking horchata mixed into coffee is probably good!

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There were also a lot of hemp milk drink too.

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You cannot grind soy milk with a person. It will ruin the taste. You need a donkey.



Ok… someone decided to use a Husky.



I know some people who would fit both of those categories …

Definitely, especially in Thai. It’s used there very often.

I’ve only ever tried oat milk, as I have no personal use for or interest in milk substitutions. I had it in coffee, and it was surprisingly inoffensive.

Not as good as half n half, tho :smiley:

I’d pay more for that.

Pay more for Husky ground soy milk? It will give you the power of a Husky.

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I’m finding I have an issue with milk products so I tried almond milk (vanilla flavored for some sweetness). Found it like light brown water.
Meh. Tried TJ’s original refrigerated almond milk (vanilla) but I only use it in morning cereal so a quart is way too much and got far past ‘use by’ (some mold developed around the spout). Taste was good so I switched to the TJs shelf stable vanilla almond milk which is just as good but in a smaller size. Happy camper for now.

If I ground it with a whole person, it definitely wouldn’t be vegetarian anymore.


Two of my daughters really like the Silk brand “extra creamy” oat milk. In a pinch, they make their own oat milk with a blender.

One is trying to avoid dairy and the other has from a young age (maybe 8 or 9) not liked cow’s milk.

I’ve never found soy milk, almond milk, cashew milk, et cetera ad nauseam milk, to be really very close to cow’s milk, but they had me try their creamy oat milk and I found it to be okay.

But then, I’m not really a cow’s milk drinker anymore, anyway (bit of a lactose problem). But our son drinks coffee daily and for me, the few times I drink coffee or hot tea, I really like cream in it, too. None of the “plant milks” seem to fit the bill for that - heavy cream (cow’s) is the stuff.

Here’s a good rundown of all the different types of non-dairy “milks”

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