Places to eat in the Andover, MA, area?

I am soooooo happy i found this board. Such a breath of fresh air after trying to navigate Chowhound.

I live in the Reading/North Reading area and know the restaurants around North Reading/Reading/Wakefield/Woburn OK. I know very little about Andover. Any good eats to be had there?

by suburban standards elm square oyster bar and palmer’s are both fine. the former is very spendy for what it offers though. have heard good things about yella but have never been.

Grassfield’s is owned by the same folks as the Jimmy’s steakhouses (Arlington, Saugus, formerly Burlington, etc.) and Bedford’s Cafe Luigi, with a menu containing dishes from both.

Just seeing this now. I used to work in Andover, and am now in North Andover. Some additional choices for you (all less than 10 minutes from downtown Andover):

Burton’s Grill - Route 114 in North Andover -

Jaime’s Restaurant - High Street in North Andover -

Chama Grill - Main Street/CVS Plaza in North Andover -