Places to eat in Port Townsend WA

We’re going to be in Port Townsend for a few days next month. While there are lots of restaurant choices, I’m wondering if there are some that people especially recommend. My husband is a fish and chips fan, so he should be in heaven. Thanks.

I hope my recs are in time for your trip still. I asked these questions to a friend that lives in Port Townsend, and here is his reply.

Nowhere that is great for fish & chips. Sirens Pub and the Old Whiskey Mill have fish & chips. The best restaurant in town is Finistere. You will need reservations and they have a nice outdoor patio that is fairly well protected from the weather.

Fountain Cafe and Alchemy are other decent choices for restaurants.

I used to love Sirens for pub food and the vibe.

No more. The table service has been horrible the last few times I’ve been there. I mean, in a worst-ever way.

I do like Finistere, but it’s a little full of itself. I lament the passing of Fountain Court and Lanza’s.