Places to buy mutton in Boston

Does anyone know of a good place to get mutton in Boston? The closer to Allston, the better!

You may have to talk to the butchers at Savenors or halal butchers around to see if they have a source for it. I am not sure if I have come across it. I believe in general, its not easy to get mutton in the US.

But hey, since you have friends in the goat community, you should know the source :wink:

goat or actual mutton?

dfk, are you equating goat with mutton?

I was referring to mutton buying. I only brought up goat because of the OP’s user name.

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You may want to check with Nick at Coolidge Provisions in Watertown to see if he has access to mutton. That’s definitely worth a call. Also, The Meat Spot in Watertown provides lamb to some of the Armenian people that I know, so maybe it’d be worth giving them a call.

After 30 yrs., Nick has sold Coolidge Provisions - last day, I believe, was last Friday, 10/21. Place is being gutted & redesigned over the next 2 months. He’ll advise in the beginning. He’s looking forward to working only part-time as, perhaps a butcher somewhere else.

Oh, wow! I wish Nick well in his future endeavors. So it will remain a food store?

I think so, but may not be like the old one.

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Windows say “Coolidge Market & Deli” now.

Oh, at least it’s still a market, but it sounds like the butcher business might be gone.