Places selling " Cornmeal coated, unsmoked bone-in British Ham " in London

Not that I did not try?!! Just spend half a day searching on the web for the above but without luck!!..therefore need your help badly!!

Whilst studying and working in London years ago, I came across a small Delicatessen shop in St. John’s Wood displaying such a gorgeous special piece of meat on top of the counter ( not unlike vendors displaying/selling hand-carved whole Jamon Iberico ). Quantities were carved to order. I also came across a Sandwich shop in the city, near Fenchurch street offering sandwiches using this type of Ham and English Hot Mustard…simple yet uber-delicious!
For my upcoming trip to London, I would love to get my hand on some of these English Ham. Any of you local folks came across such products before and WHERE?
Wonder if butchers/vendors in, say, Borough Market ’ carry them?! Websites of most butchers and deli shops do not display such narrow detail.

Charles., cornmeal is not a widely used term in The UK and certainly not in relation to the ham you’re referring to. I’m not surprised you struggled in your search. The more common term is crumbed ham. Try Lidgate butchers in Holland Park.
110 Holland Park Ave, London W11 4UA


I think your post must have inspired my lunch choice while travelling for work. Thick cut unsmoked ham , double egg ( it should always be double egg) and chips. A pub in rural Kent, rather than London though. Excellent pint of my all time favourite beer, Harveys Best to boot.


You might like this at Waitrose:

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Hi Charles. Sorry for posting the random link above. I think you are possibly looking for crumbed ham. If you go to any higher end supermarket like Waitrose or Marks and Spencer, the deli aisle should have sealed packs of crumbed ham. You could probably get freshly sliced ham on the bone from the deli counter as well.

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Thank you ALL for your valuable feedback! Greatly appreciated!

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