Places for Chinese preparations of crab in San Francisco?

It’s crab season and I haven’t seen any recommendations for Chinese restaurants in San Francisco or perhaps between SF and San Mateo that serve great preparations of Dungeness crab. If you have any favorites, please post them here. Thanks.

Hello Nancy Berry! Good to see you here. I think you are being coy, though. YOU should be telling US the answer to that question.

Not in SF, or even close to San Mateo. But you can’t go wrong with chef Yum’s crab prep at Yum’s Newark. The man uses a crab as his restaurant’s logo. He’s a crab master.

I just ate there. Will post about it soon.

Not chinese, but lime tree normally has singaporean chilli crab during dungeness crab season. The sauce is a wee bit sweeter than i’d like, but its not a bad dish :slight_smile: I’ve heard they also make black pepper garlic crab on request


I like the salt and pepper crab preparation at R&G lounge in SF Chinatown. It’s battered and deep fried in shell.

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Crystal jade makes the Singaporean chili crab. But I haven’t been back lately to have it.