Pizzetta 211 [SF, Richmond]

Did a couple sections of the Crosstown Trail and after some end-of-hike brainstorming, ended up having a great meal at Pizzetta 211. Didn’t see a topic on here already.

Logistics: Since the place has been packed every other time I’ve gone, I thought we’d be super smart and get there around 4:30 to beat the dinner crowd. However, It looked like they were doing a shift change around 4-5 and continue serving existing tables, but don’t seat new tables during this period. Right around 5, they seated all ~5 parties who were waiting. Anyway, the wait wasn’t too bad. It seemed like you could still walk in pretty easily between 5 and 6 on a Saturday. We sat outside under a heat lamp with our dog.

Wine: Picked a Sicilian rosato that was a ray of sunshine on this overcast day.

Appetizers: Had one of the daily specials: poached fennel tossed with mint, with saffron aioli and crispy lentils. This was a really incredible dish, and exactly the kind of un-trendy, not-attractive-for-instagram idea that you don’t see on menus these days. The flavors and textures worked perfectly together. Also had the “cheese salad”, which was more like a generous cheese plate (lamb chopper and a soft cheese that I think was Dutch) that came with a few thin slices of baguette and a large, nicely dressed pile of greens on the side.

Pizzas: Everything here comes with a super thin crust, though not quite as crispy/oily as Arizmendi.
The rosemary and pine nut pizza had a huge herb flavor, and really perked up with a little red pepper. The corn and bacon pizza was interesting–topped with two poached eggs, and I think the corn had been sauteed or blanched, giving it a little more sweetness than the raw kernels that most places put on corn pizzas.

Dessert: Two thin slices of ricotta cake, griddled on both sides and served with strawberries and a big dollop of softly whipped cream. Just about right.

Cost: $75 per person for three courses with wine. I wonder if they have a stake in the building or something and are able to keep prices relatively low that way–I saw people going in and out of what looked like a residential entrance next door. Anyway, this meal made me wish I had reasons to be in the Central Richmond more often.