Pizzeria Delfina [San Francisco, SoMa]

We went to the fairly recently opened Pizzeria Delfina in SoMa for a dinner before a movie at the Metreon. It’s near a corner of 3rd Street and Mission. There are now five Pizzeria Delfinas - three in SF, one in Burlingame, and one in Palo Alto. No reservations - they have a chalk blackboard next to the entrance where you can put your name on the list. They wait until your whole party is here before seating you. It was about half full on a Tuesday night, I’m guessing they may be busier during lunchtime.

We started with the arancini ($9). Arancini (Italian for little oranges) are fried stuffed risotto balls. These arancini were quite good. They are on the small side - a little bit smaller than a golf ball - and can be eaten in one bite. Nicely flavored with saffron and stuffed with mozzarella.

Next came the pizzas. We ordered the prosciutto pizza (prosciutto di Parma, caciocavallo, mozzarella, panna, arugula, $18.50) off the white pies list. Under that layer of arugula was a good amount of salty prosciutto and cheeses.

The other pizza we had was the clam pizza off the red pies list (Maine surf clams, tomato, oregano, pecorino, hot peppers, $21). Also very good. No cheese outside of the sprinkling of pecorino so the light tomato sauce was quite prominent.

Very good pizza and arancini. The pies are medium sized - I could probably polish off one by myself if I were hungry. Nice flavorful crust that was a little chewier than a Neapolitan style pizza and very thin. On par with the pizza at the original Mission location as far as I can remember.


Pizzeria Delfina [18th St., Mission
Clam pie, Margherita and Pana were all excellent tonight. Started with chilled tripe. Tripe was bold and refreshing, served with half a lemon, sea salt and chili oil. Crust was spot on, thin but crispy with a little chew. Red sauce on all three was bright and acidic. Clam pie is my favorite-love that they use east coast little necks rather than the Manila clams that are so ubiquitous in SF. Lots of take out orders going out but to me this pizza needs to be eaten hot straight out of the oven. Once it cools its not as good.


I missed this thread first time ‘round. The red clam pie is intriguing to me. Out east, clam pies are usually white (is that the Frank Pepe effect?). I like to make my own pies every so often and might give this combo a try.

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Yeah I’m used to white clam pies too, but this worked for me. I did like it a little better after sprinkling some of the grated parmesan.

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