Pizza vending machine - in Rome

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When we lived in France, our local pizza shop (local as in a block away!) Put a pizza machine in an unused walkway in the centre ville.

It baked premade pies, but didn’t knead the dough (or provide cutlwry).

We first tried it at the pleas of my then young son, but used it other times when we wanted a pizza outside of the shops regular hours.

It was better than frozen, but not as good as their fresh pies.


Curious, the machine reheated a cooked pizza or started to cook when it received an order?

Started to cook it. You had the choice when you started the order, plus we were friendly with the owners and they told us how it worked.

It’s easy to understand how a pizza vending machine could be a challenge, but not why the fast food universe isn’t rife with pizza windows. Any pizza shop could maintain a warming oven holding a few pies in popular topping combos, and plain cheese, selling them by the slice at a drive-thru window, in addition to typical counter service.


Interesting. Did the machine attract enough people to use it?

I’d try it just for the novelty. I’ve already admitted to eating frozen pizza, how low can I go? :laughing:


They were in the process of buying more machines when we left…and that was almost 10 years ago.

A quick skim of their website brought up no mention of the machine(s)…so I’ve no idea what happened.

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I live in Westchester NY and a (whole animal) butcher from the Hudson Valley has installed a row of vending machines inside a 24 hour shop that sells meat. Each machine - beef, pork, chicken contains cryovacced cuts of meat. Once the “slab” of meat is chosen and rotated to the opening door position, it tells you how much $ it is and once you “swipe” your credit card, the door can be opened and the meat taken out. I tried it once and other than novelty (yes 24 hr. convenience) could see no advantage. I might try it again, but certainly no rush to go back.