Pizza Serata, Near Union Market

Pizza Serata is a new venture a block away form Union Market. Crooked Run Brewery is prominently featured here, and they may run this place.

The menu here is broad for a pizza place and includes typical appetizers of the corporate casual world including chicken wings and spinach artichoke dip as well as a list of sandwiches/burgers and salads.

The best item we had was an arugula salad that was surprisingly sweet. Despite that, it had enough going on with beets, cheese, pistachio, and other stuff that made this far more interesting than normal.

After that, it was all downhill from there.

The sandwiches are served on focaccia, because… it sounds good? The bread is oily and flabby and the reason why sandwiches taste better on a good hoagie roll instead. In our case it was a steak sandwich that was mostly a gooey sauce. It was a tie for awfulness with the chicken wings which were way too salty and had the wrong texture.

The pizzas here are served on a bready crust - similar to Tigerella. So purists want to take note. But that is where the similarity ends. The sauce for the anchovy pizza was too salty and acidic, dominating the fish. The Reading Terminal Market pizza had undetectable bits of “porchetta” and burnt little bits of broccoli rabe. On top there were some dabs of a weird orange sauce that was maybe supposed to represent hot chilis? Who knows! This was a disaster.


IMHO the wings weren’t tied with anything for the worst. LOL. BTW, remember when I said hi to K St Kate? I read her review and she said the best thing she ate was also a salad (Italian chop salad), so it wasn’t just a fluke. Maybe the third salad on the menu is good too.

Steve didn’t mention the beer, but the beer was great! We tried three different Pilsners (New Zealand, Italian, German) and the sour that has raspberries . I liked them all, but my favorite was the Italian style Pilsner.

Yikes! You’ve performed a public service, Steve – taking one for the team