Pizza Rustica ... Westchster County, NY

I know many of you make your own … that’s not happening
So for those who do store bought who do you recommend, are there any new contenders?
CTown Country Market in Eastchester makes my favorite rendition.
It is not traditional and can vary in consistency. I like their rendition because
it is resembles a molten plate of cheese and prosciutto :slight_smile:
Cosmo and Alex gets my 2nd place vote

This is a terrible picture, but it does capture the consistency
ctown … pizza rustica … heaven and heart disease on a plate

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The cookery makes an amazing one. I’m not sure if they sell the whole thing.

I have a recipe I’ve been meaning to try for years. Usually we are away for Easter but we are home this year, so maybe it’s finally the year!

Would you mind being a bit more descriptive?:yum:

Edit: I found this
xtra points for his cute face … any excuse.

That looks insanely delicious. I am entertaining on Easter this year and have yet to finalize a menu - this could be a contender!

Thank you for posting that video! I have a little chef crush on him, haha. I love the dough that they use with theirs. As he said, very rich. I’ve had ones with more different kinds of meats and the one I have a recipe for calls for some more. But as he said, there are many different varieties. My grandma did do one with more of a pizza dough outside. I wish I had the recipe for hers but i didn’t get into cooking until after she died. Really craving this now.

This is the recipe I wanted to try:

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