Pizza rustica/Easter pie (Westchester NY)


I wasn’t expecting much but I bought a piece of pizza rustica at Deciccos in Millwood and I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised at how good it is. Nice flaky crust, very cheesy filling and good variety of meats. Very, very salty, but I mean, I know what I’m getting into with pizza rustica. My favorite in Westchester is the Cookery and they are selling them for $45 this Easter. Does anyone else do justice to this specialty?


I had no idea what a pizza rustic was; thanks for sending me down a delightful rabbit hole!

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I think they make it at A&S in Mt. Kisco, though I have not tried it.


Youre very welcome! My grandma, who came to cooking later in life, used to make it, though she called it pizzagain, which apparently is another alternate name. Sadly, we do not have a recipe for her version. I’ve always wanted to try the NYtimes version but it’s a lot of chopping and as long as there are good store bought versions I haven’t been suitably motivated!


My MIL was so generous with her family recipes, and I’m lucky enough to have a choice of several Easter pies (all of which are delicious and requested by family and friends year after year). Not making any this year since only the two of us, but what a gift she left. I pass it on as I can.

Torta di Ricotta (ricotta, like cheesecake but with Italian fruit flavorings), Pizza Rustica (basket cheese which luckily you can still find; plus tons of Italian cold cuts, sausage and cheeses) and finally Grain Pie which is almost the same as the Ricotta but with wheat grain. If anyone ever wants the recipes just let me know, I’m sure she would be pleased for me to share!

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This is part one - from Chowdom

Part 2

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Pizza rustica is the meal I look forward to all year. If I could pick one last meal, Italian Easter breakfast the way my parents make it would be it. They make an absolutely dynamite pizzagain! :slight_smile: They also make a different but delicious pizza rustica with layered cold cuts and cheese, finished off with eggs, and then baked - comes out almost quiche-like. I know they’d be thrilled to share their recipes if you like. As my dear mom (who learned all these Easter kitchen achievements from her mother-in-law - my grandmother) says, “We can’t take it with us!”

Happy Easter to all who celebrate! Mangia and enjoy the day!