Pizza Rat Lives!

I’m a Mets fan all the way. But oh how that merch is calling to me. I’m definitely getting the shirt, at least.

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I was well on my way to ordering a t-shirt (a youth large! because h is small!) but the shipping is more than half the price of the shirt. Now I have to go to a game. Burning question: which team will now rename itself the Avocado Squirrels?


We had avocado trees in the back yard when I was a kid. I could have shown you not just Avocado Squirrel and Avocado Wood Rat but Avocado Raccoon, Avocado Skunk, Avocado Blue Jay, Avocado Coyote, etc. etc. , and once, seriously, Avocado Bear (a smallish bear, but still).