Pizza-Pizza-Pizza!!! Monmouth County NJ

can anyone recommend a spot for good generic takeout/delivery (not any type of specialty pizza) in the Middletown area near the clown liquor spot or Belford area. I like Zonis but think the crowd I’ll be rolling with likes a more generic slice.

Basilles is my favorite square slice in the area right now. (Not a full Sicilian slice, kind of a hybrid Sicilian/grandma) Their round is good too.

Villa in Stop and Shop plaza across from clown is good.

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Chuckee cheese…hands down!

Zonis has quite good regular pies.

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How about brothers? Close to Middletown

I second that. Was just there last week.

Everyone in your group can get their own (very sizable) bar pie. For the price, quality, and feel of the place, can’t go wrong.

I haven’t been in years, since my son played pop warner that used to be a very popular stop for the parents. I think it was their white pie that was exceptional.

The white pie is good. I think vals white could even edge it out though.

How many people will be at this gathering?

The white clam pie at brothers is top notch. Have to eat it there though. Val’s lobster pie really good but something off with their dough…

had a pie on way home from beach last week from Vals. Crust/dough was really nice thin and crisp, cheese was meh. Overall a nice pie. Got takeout, they somehow mistook a half pepperoni pie or half pineapple- that was a great surprise in the car as I grabbed my first slice. Would like to actually try a pepperoni or meatball slice on my next visit it to see if the meat gives it any extra flavor since cheese is a bit bland. I also should note we ate in car on way home so we added no cheese//salt/garlic, etc.


we ended up with Basilles, wanted to try something new- pizza was ok. I think they undercooked it a bit b/c I got there a little early. Would have benefited from a cpl more min in oven. Cheese wasn’t melted fully. Flavor was good though.

You definitely have to eat inside at vals. The take out is a mess. It is kind of in a separate building on the left as you are looking at the entrance on the side street.

I like the sausage pie and the white.

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Been going to Vals for 20+ years and never get takeout. It’s weird it just doesn’t taste the same at all. On another note they are going to be expanding from what I hear. Enclosing the outdoor seating that is currently in front of the building

Agree on takeout. It’s almost like you are ordering from an entirely different place.

Curious, did you have the square or the round?


If you try it again, try the square,. I agree the round is average to a little better than average.

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I believe it is an entirely different place. They cook the pizza in that other building. Never get take out there.

The pizzas from Keyport’s Old Glory are very good. In or take out consistent and they offer decent variety but you can also customize.

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Urban Coalhouse also puts out tasty pizzas. Red Bank Galleria.

Hi all, first post - I live in Howell for almost 20 years now by way of Brooklyn. Of all the pizza joints in Monmouth and Ocean counties. IMO, the very best by a good margin and consistently so is Cucina Alessi in Manalapan (shopping center of Wegmans) off Route 9. It’s been unbeatable regardless of the type of slice or sicilian variety.


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